The world viewed in the compelling works of Vasile Valeanu lurches and struts, shimmies and dances through situations candidly considered with dismay and trepidation, consern and bemusement. His lines stir deeply ruthed fascinations and reactions, working their wonders with an assurance of outlandish perception within firm grasp.

Born at the Stefan Cel Mare comune of Bacau county, Romania, and currently a resident of New York City, Valeanu has exhibited in solo shows at George Calinescu Cultural Foundation Gallery of Onesti, Romania; Elnesvagen Gallery, Norway; Die Alte Poste Gallery, Niederzier, Germany; Chateau Domaines Lescombes Gallery, Bordeaux, France; as well as group shows at Chung-Cheng Art Gallery of New York City; AQA Gallery, Queens, N.Y. and other sites.

New Art International

"I prefer the graphics of narrow spaces, of borgesian labyrinth, in smooth touch. The main characteristic of my art is that of grave experience. For me, the act of creation is not something other than a survival modality."

Vasile Valeanu

Vasile Valeanu


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